To top the mountain of mishaps that I’ve been going through for the past 5 months, less than two weeks away from starting a new day job, my car decided to break down. And not a simple “let’s change this piece and it’s all good”, but a “$1,200, the motor is practically dead” repair.

Since there’s no way I can get that money anytime for the next month an a half, I’m opening emergency commissions to raise the money that way in hopes of getting this thing done as soon as possible.

So, here’s what I’m offering: $20 for a full body inked piece of any one character you’d like me to draw (something like these two). I’ll send you back a high resolution file of the piece.

If you don’t want a drawing, but still would like to help, you can paypal me whatever amount you’d like at: I’ll still try to repay you somehow.

(En caso de vivir en Mexico, pueden hacer el pago por deposito bancario, solo mandenme un correo a esa direccion para pasarles el numero de cuenta)

Thank you very much in advance!

Mario A.~