Main Characters!

Elliot Elliot:

A small but brave knight from the kingdom of Wheelbarrow. He thinks he’s the greatest hero of all time and he acts accordingly, jumping into action without thinking about it or even knowing where the action actually is. Specially if it means saving Princess Jeanna.

Gary Gary:

Elliot’s faithful talking  horse, mostly because he has nothing better to do. Cynical and a massive coward (although he claims it’s good survival instinct). He gets dragged into danger by Elliot, and he’s the only one who can understand him.

Supporting Cast!

Dragon Dragons:

A lot of myths have been told about dragons: Them being greedy, or liking to eat gold and jewels. Their scales being incredibly resistant and great as armor, etc… But the only fact known so far about them is that they like to kidnap princesses for no particular reason an that they’re incredibly dumb. Oh, and that they burp the fire out, not spit it (which is still disgusting in it’s own way.)

Wandering The Wandering Knight:

A big, out of shape knight who lives wherever he can find a place to spend the night at, mostly in the woods. Although almost good natured, he once tried to kidnap Princess Jeanna, so the people of Wheelbarrow are not too keen of him.

Jeanna Princess Jeanna:

The treasure of the kingdom. Bratty and ungrateful. Due to her tendency of getting kidnapped quite often, she dreams of the moment when a charming, young and attractive prince will save her.

Aron King Aron:

Wise, old, mumbling ruler of the Great Kingdom of Wheelbarrow. His life as a monarch has been quite uneventful mostly due to the fact that Wheelbarrow is located in the middle of nowhere. He’s 35 years old (quite the old geezer for medieval times).

Drew Drew:

The King’s interpreter and spokesman. He keeps meddling in business he has no part of and likes to over act the things the King is actually saying. He dislikes his job, but he’s not good for anything else.

Edana-Alana Edana & Alana:

Sorceresses sisters. They live in the middle of the woods, vanished from the kingdom’s territory, unless they’re needed. Edana is ambitious and only cares for personal gain, and Alana is kind and helpful. Both of them have a major dislike for the “W” word (Witch).

Ed Ed:

The bartender of the Last Hope Tavern. He’s the confident of all the stories of his customers, whether he likes it or not. Probably the only person that knows the town of Wheelbarrow better that the King himself. Likes warm sunny days and quiet walks on the beach.

Wynn King Wynn:

King Aron’s brother and mighty ruler of the kingdom of Work In Progress. His ambition greatly surpasses his ability to notice he has no money, resources, and over all intelligence to be the monarch of a kingdom. Gladly for him, he only has to rule over 5 people (which most of them are quite indifferent of him) and make sure his (bouncy) castle doesn’t collapse.

Crumbs Chamberlain “Crumbs”:

Possibly King Wynn’s only loyal servant. He hasn’t accomplished anything in his life that hasn’t been given to him by someone else, but that’s the part of his life he takes out when talking to women.

Kane Sir Kane:

A legendary hero of the land of Wheelbarrow. One of the greatest warriors and commanders that always led his troops to victory. But his legacy and why he’s remembered to this day comes from a very different perspective that he’s way too embarrassed to accept. Still in the search of cleaning his name and to keep his heroic legacy to live on.