Those Off-Beat Single Page Gags!

°CataPUGlt. Get It? Huh?   °Manly Manliness   °It’s Always the Game’s Fault   °Myth: Busted   °Cooking Manual   °It Worked, Right?   °And They’ll Make a TV Show About It   °It’ll Be a Long Wait   °Lasting Stubbornness   °Flinging Hope   °Terms and Conditions   °When It’s Not About You   °Just a Splinter   °Flailing to Victory   °Beauty Tips   °Everlasting Friendship  °Not a Contract  °Pizza Table  °Convenient Plague (Guest Strip)  °History in the Making  °Someday It’ll Work  °Or Blinking  °Seafood Buffet  °Opium Fields  °Fast Food  °Just Imagine  °How Quaint  °Aiming High, and Sideways  °Haggis!  °Progress  °A Bit Misunderstood  °Scrabble, Then  °And Now, Sleep Well  °Sense of Humor  °Line of Defense  °You’re Your  °Quest… For a Better Name  °Dishonor  °Hemorrhoids  °Tools of Progress  °Bloodletting  °Taste of Experience  °Fact-Checked Fables  °On The Nose  °These Are Real  °Rusting °Artistic Statement  °Because “Lance” Sounds Stupid  °