As you can see, we’re following a pattern this time around for the covers.

Sorry for the delay on this, With the whole global situation, things have been getting hectic and I’ve really started to lose notion of time. Still, this falls into the two week break between chapters, resuming (I think) next week with chapter 3 (unless you’re in my Patreon, which means we’re half way through there at this point). And as you might have seen, there’s a Ko-Fi button on the right side bar in case you wanna make a one time donation (I gotta figure out what to start updating in there). It’s all very appreciated.

Not much else to say at this point, not that I can say publicly yet, at least. Just pimp out again the links to Clink (and at some point Wyliman as well) on both Tapas and Webtoons. It’s all going through the old pages in order, but I’d really appreciate your support there (if you can, of course) to help it getting more noticed.