The First Mission

The MissionLife ChoicesDirect CommunicationKinda Outta PlaceBarbecue InvitationSurvival InstinctWe’ve Done This BeforeHopes DownSpicy Food ConsequencesYou Know How Much That HurtsA Not Desired FameAn Honest Mistake(Not Quite) CHARGE!Back (The Closest) to Normal

An Important Message

Barely Noticable ComplexSeriously, It’s NOT ParanoiaKinda Like a Reverse Sixth Sense KidThe First Step is Denial

Villager Kane

A Name to Live ByMaybe Back Then It Was Useful, I DunnoDelegating LegaciesJustified OverreactionAnd That’s Why They’re a TeamSwift MovesOne ShotOn His Way Back


Someone’s Gotta Do ItAlmost Got ItStealth Level: -1He Actually Just GuessedMaybe If He Says “Please”Sob Story AsideMore Like Long DartsA Magical PlaceThat Name Will Never Pick UpSo, No Exchange Then?Minor DistractionThe Convenience of Having a HorseThe Fall of an EmpireSounds Familiar

The Crayon Adventure

New Quest, Old QuestAlways the SuspectBest/Worst PlanEven Without the PelletBest SolutionSweet LairThe ReunionHorrible GuessingAs if It Was an ArtRock On, Dude!NOW It’s Over… Again

Grand Theft Wheelbarrow

Out to No GoodDooming Them AllSilent Night, Wet NightStealth to the MinimumNot RehearsedNight ShiftPop *POOF*Last (Shameful) ResourceGood Night Then

Woman and Man

Did You See Me?My Own Bare HandsThe Goin’ Gets Tough from the GetgoSo Many People in the NeighborhoodShe Wanted to LeaveFriendsCover It With Gas and Set It on FireTender SituationYou Were the FoolNever Squeal on th’ PusherBoingIt’s Gonna Be (Alright)Don’t Sweat ItTried and TrueRight to the Ways and the Rules of the World

The Magic Guild

Done Outta LoveUntil They Invent JetpacksMuch LoveHeartfelt GoodbyePersonal Reality CheckLike a Lovable AuntA Bit of Both

Quite Chill

Just a CourtesyConvenient EnoughAs UsefulSnackMaking FriendsWrong Thing, Right TimePersonal SpaceIt’s a Party NowRoyalty PainsWe Came, We Conquered, We Go NowLife Saving Worthy

Hunting Season

That’s What Friends Are ForExcuses, ExcusesWorth Askin’Worth Tryin’Tricky PreyYou Dropped ThisAww, For Me?Getting DesperateMight as WellFriendship is Magic

Possibly Spooky

Not Even HalloweenUp to a Good StartIt’s Still a SolutionAnd He Can’t LeaveWho You Gonna Call?Better Than Old Man WithersSound ConfirmationHim and Old Baby DollsImpatiently FearlessSome Work Better AloneThe Real Fairy TaleKnock Knock JokeCommon PracticeDoesn’t Always WorkOh, Boy…Any Plan B?Exit, Left StageHappily Ever Forever

The Price of the Past

Stalling EmotionallyNot That BetterHard to TellThe Mother of TroubleHow Does It Even Stay There?Acting NaturallyFriendly EnoughTime to Play QuietSurprise FactorItchy UndiesMy Dad Can Beat Up Your DadJust FantasticThis is the Fight Scene (PT. 1)This is the Fight Scene (PT. 2)This is the Fight Scene (PT. 3)Anywhere ElseDefense MechanismProlonged SentenceOnes for Others

Plinky Ploinky, Rasca Rasca

Off Key, On TimeRant in E MinorFor Every TuneSlide VibrationsTough CrowdShow Closer Smash HitThe After PartyEncore

 Communication Breakdown

The SnifflesEven If She TriedWho Wouldn’t Want That?Oh, WellDoodl-ie DahPhotorealisticTaking Action… EventuallyAt Least They StoppedWhat IndeedOnly a Dream…Like The Rest of This Story

A Dance

Distraction is KeyHelping HurtsAnd So Should YouOn the SpotCross-AttackYou Speak My LanguageFriends, Friends*Extra response Bit*

Fred, the Friendly Fdragon

Fred, the Friendly FdragonDeenner PartyTrusty BeefHe’s NiceD’oh, Well…Not the Pie!So Long, Fred...

Life of Success

Gift-Horse(Don’t) Show Me The WorldBe The StarUltimaAnd a Private PlaneOne Little DetailOdditiesJust FinePromisesCh-Ch-Ch-ChangesAnd Repeat



No, I Don’t Wanna

Hide and Seek[Insert Super Mario Pipe Sound]Flinch, You LoseSpeed PaintingOut For a RollExcuse MeDon’t Mind MeThree PointsWill Never Use It AgainCone of ShameAhoy ThereNext: A ThimbleA Faint ScentGotchaAlmost There

The Further Adventures of Saint George and Trevor

The Dragon SlayerA Bit InflatedWe Forgot This FactSo Cast Your Fears AwayNo One To See HereTo the PointDeadly ThoughtsNot RecommendedHe Technically DidSo Long

Don’t Talk to Strangers

Too Much ParanoiasSpeak When ObviousSound SignalHelps Making FriendsForgot to MentionNot a David BowieBetter TradeI’ll Let You Know When I Can See AgainD’aw, BuggerAnd AwkwardUnderstandable ConfusionAll HonestyPapercutsFull CoverageReady or NotBuilding TensionBetter Late Than NeverNo Guilt

The Prize

Not Far EnoughHappens, Right?Eyes on the RoadSeriously, Eyes on the RoadNew Diet