Hey, look, it’s the cover of chapter 1!

I also changed the “signature” at the bottom to something more related to the comic. I kinda like it.

As per usual, I’ll take two weeks off from here, but if you join my Patreon, we’re half way through chapter 2 of Luna. Plus, I’ve been uploading all the work I’ve been doing with the old Wyliman stips once per week.

And, if it’s your thing to read comics on apps rather than websites, all the backlog of Clink is being uploaded to both Webtoon and Tapas, if you’d like to follow the comic there while we catch up (and it’d help both me and my friend Camille, who’s the one behind converting and uploading everything there, greatly if you follow us there.)

Not much else this time. Talk to you again soon!

Mario A.~