Sorry that I missed the previous two weeks.

Ok, so first of all, here’s the cover for part 4:

With the updates here being 10 weeks behind the time I upload them to my Patreon, Some stuff happened in between. Mostly, some time “off” that I took to get this part ready and printed for a show I did back in April in Denver. In which, by the way, Clink got nominated in the Webcomic Category. I didn’t win, but it was nice to see my name up there.

I also did this:

This will be the cover for the collection. But that will take a while, since I’m sending it to a friend of mine to get it completely colored first, and then I’ll put the book together.

On to other things:

I’ve been working on another comic with a friend of mine. I might have mentioned this before. It’s a friend from Mexico, and she came up with the characters and overall plot, and I’m doing the writing/developing of the story. I think we’re on a good stop now that we’re definitely moving forward. Still, this will remain between us until we have enough work done so that we can start showing it (as we figure out in which avenue we’ll be publishing it).

On more writing: I’m well into the next Clink arc. It’ll be again a multiple part story. I think I learned a lot form D&C and hopefully this one will work better. The title of it is “Luna”. It’ll start updating here on the site in about 3 weeks.

And lastly: If everything goes well, I’ll be working with another friend of mine on another book (a graphic novel). He’ll be doing the writing and I’ll be illustrating it.

Lot’s of stuff. Lot’s of time to wait for it. Sorry.

Talk to you soon!