Welp, that’s it for our friend Saint George. This is the second “long” story I do that doesn’t involve none of the main or regular characters.

Anyways, these are the couple of images I used for reference:

george modern-icon-by-olga-christine

99% of the paintings depicting George fighting the dragon, picture the dragon that small. George’s hair rules.

Also, while researching the myth, I found out that Saint George is part of the Fourteen Holy Helpers, which means, I’ll get to goof on 13 other weirdos.

I like the theme with this one, the power of believing in something so strongly that people will actively become willful ignorant.

Just as a heads up, most probably I’ll take next Tuesday off. It’s the fourth and last day a year I allow myself to miss an update. Some stuff came along and I spent the previous two weeks sick, so it’s just a catch up for myself.

Mario A.~

PS: Would you like if I start doing this, doing little explanations/epilogues to the stories at the end of each arc?