I’ve meant to do this page for a while but some other ideas got in first, and this one is a “nowadays” regular, that it always stayed in my head.

This originally came up from a whole mess when a couple of people, whom apparently English is not their native tongue, I suppose, misunderstood a specific segment of a Captain America story written by Rick Remender. Here’s a link for that story. And with the time since there, other similar stories, where people understand what they want to understand, popped up.

I’m obviously being disingenuous here. It’s not that these people don’t understand English, is that they’re just stupid. But, if you spend any time on the internet (and you do, since you’re reading this) and you step back for a moment from all “discussions” that occur in social media, you’d notice this kind of behavior represented by the good ol’ Queen, happens alarmingly often.

Quoting Bill Burr: “People understand when you’re joking, until you touch on a subject that directly involves them. Then you’re not joking, but making statements“. Self-righteous, instant gratification, fake outrage runs amok, where anyone feels that if they don’t agree with something (and most times they’re the only ones), they have the right to silence, and demand apologies and chopped heads.

We’ve allowed to let context die.