So, yeah, about that weekend blog post that clearly wasn’t posted on the weekend… sorry, got busy.

Anyway, first of all, starting next week and for the thext 5 weeks (that’ll help me catch up after two comic book shows almost back to back and putting books together) I’ll be updating the very last story from Volume 3 that were previously only updated in black and white now in full color. Having to put the book together kinda forced me to it.

Speaking of Volume 3: Doomed to Repeat It, here’s how the cover came out!

The book is now available! If you’re interested, I have some copies with me I can sign and ship to you. It’s 19$ (with shipping included). I’m trying to figure out a shop and having all the books available in an easier to purchase fashion, but that’s something I gotta figure out in the next few months.

Also, here’s the cover for Divide and Conquer #2.

Also available if you’re interested. this one is way easier to get printed as I basically do it myself. Just 5$ (with shipping already included).

And that’s about it for now. there’s more Clink coming up as I’m already into issue 3 of D&C and there’s something extra being done behind the scenes, especially for my Spanish speaking readers.

Stay tuned!

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