Hey hey hey!

First of all, we just wrapped another year of Clink (well, almost, I’ll get those last few pages colored as soon as possible), which means the “yeah, yeah, I know I’m still missing to edit the other two3rd book for the comic as well. So I’d like to thank you all for your support and time to come here with each update and read the stories. I really appreciate it.

Now, to the people who follow me on Twitter, this will come not entirely as a surprise, but I want to make the official announcement here for everybody:

Starting January 1st, I’m going to do something different here. New pages will remain on their Tuesday and Thursday schedule, but, I’m changing the format a bit. Long story short: I applied for a government-funded grant to produce a graphic novel this year and didn’t get it. That pitch idea was for a Clink GN. Well… I already had some pages produced and I don’t like to sit on finished artwork for too long without showing it, so, why not? The GN will get published here as a web comic! That way I get to do it anyway and I like the idea of switching gears for a bit.

But that grant pitch that I prepared originally didn’t just spark this. Doing a Clink GN felt sorta like a cop-out. It was already familiar ground to play at, just with a bigger field to do so. So, just for my amusement, I started to come up with other concepts.

One stuck.

Starting as well on January 1st, another GN I’ll start working on will make its debut: Go F+ck Yourself (as you can tell by the title, not a family friendly story). GFY is a futuristic (sci-fi I think?) story of what happens when humanity discovers the meaning of life. And that’s just the premise.

And not only that! But, after two years of ignoring the first child that should have moved out of the house already, I’m working on new Wyliman stories. For real this time.

So that’s two pages of Clink a week, plus at least one page of Wyliman and GFY per week.

The only minor setback is that coloring will become something I’ll work on when time allows it (both Clink and GFY will be in color, Wyliman will stay in B&W-ish, you’ll see). But I’ll be sure to update you guys when those are ready.

Lastly, my Patreon will FINALLY get an update and I’m planning some approachable incentives that won’t demand much distractions from me and that will still be interesting for you.

As you can see, plenty to look forward to… I hope. And I hope as well you’ll join me in these ventures.

Enough rambling.

Mario A.~

PS: Ok, maybe one more thing: I’m working as well on a Clink pitch for publishers to maybe make the comic a monthly series. We’ll see. The pitch is 10 pages long. Wish me luck.

Busy busy busy.