Hey everybody!

In a rushed last minute post (as per usual), an announcement:

I’ll be at Denver’s Independent Comics and Art Expo this Friday and Saturday (the 25th and 26th)!

I’ve announced it a whole bunch in social media, but just in case you’ve missed it.

I’ll be at table D69. I’ll have the four Wyliman volumes available and, as I’ve mentioned in the previous post, Clink Volume 1 (plus a bunch of minicomics).

I will also be at the “Representations of “The Unheard Voice” in Comics: Past, Present, and Future” panel on Friday at 6pm, so that should be cool because I have no idea of what I’m going to say, at all.

May this also serve as an announcement that tomorrow’s and next week’s updates will be late. Not missed, but late. I’m taking this trip there as a vacation as well and get back home until Wednesday next week.

That’s it for now. If you live in Denver or really close by and want to attend a really kick ass artists centric show, give DINK a go!

Mario A.~